Tuesday, June 28, 2005


"the face is the gateway to infinity" said emmanuel levinas

in other words, it is only in the context of community that we can know.
know what, whom?

the Self, the Other and the Holy Other.

this is knowing truth. not as propositional but as living.
nietzsche claimed, "there are no facts, only interpretations"
and this is indeed the case, for it is only in dialogue with one another
that our petty "facts" become meaningful truths. text and context are

too long has christianity been wrapped up in greco/roman thinking,
issolating nuggets of knowledge, free-standing statments, and
individual propositions. only now are we re-discovering the wisdom
of hebraic relational thought from which we are so long departed.

lets look into the face of the other and together be thrust into infinity,
a conversation with God.

for more on relationality: martin buber, emmanuel levinas

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bryan said...

beautiful! my heart longs for this relationality as reciprocity!