Wednesday, June 15, 2005

the metaphor of the moment


what is the relationship between
a piece of art and the artist?

obviously there is the connection of story.
the story of the piece cannot be told without
a mention of the story of the artist.

when i encounter a piece, i want to know its story
so that i can experience it as it was intended to be.
but i also do not want to know...

existentially speaking-
the piece should be experienced for what it is and
for what it may become for me in the moment i
encounter it.

for it takes on a life of its own, does it not?
often embodying aspects of truth or reality the artist
had not even begun to imagine nor intend.
it develops a voice.

the connections to birth and childrearing are many.

so let me sit with the piece a while longer
and later its story will be heard...

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