Tuesday, July 12, 2005


my friend jon pointed me to this quote:

"Freedom has a scent like the top of a new born baby's head." - Bono, U2

and it resonates deeply with me as my new favorite thing to do is kiss
sylas on the forehead and breath deep the smell of newness, innocencia,
potential, spaciousness, possibility... freedom.

may God use this bow to send this little arrow high and far

fly little one, fly


cris said...

I think my little Lucas smells like a clean mouse. Is that odd? My mother always told me babies smelled like sweet milk, but he smells very human. Musky but clean. He smells like my baby. Maybe freedom is more earthy than sweet? Or maybe there is some sweetness in the earthiness.

elnellis said...

well put cris, thanks for visiting, i still want to meet lucas. blessings