Monday, July 25, 2005

so maybe i'm obsessed with redemption...

-but it's a healthy addiction.
here is a transcript from a lecture david bazan of pedro the lion gave a few years ago called The Role of Redemption in the Creative Process. david is a guy who get's a lot of slack from the chrisitan comunity for his willingness to engage with themes deemed too dark for comfort. as far as artists go, he has been a role model for me regarding the integration of faith and art.


jaime(hymay) said...

"I think it’s propaganda of a church that attempts to control people". Bien dicho, Bazan.
No pudiera estar mas de acuerdo. Hay veces que cuestiono algunas de los slogans de la cristiandad y me siento mal por que estoy dudando, pero despues me doy cuenta de que la duda es lo unico que me ayuda a poder discernir y en base a eso tomar decisiones que afecten mi vida.

Lian said...

Phil, I'm really enjoying your blog. I read this article and made a slightly more extended post about some of the stuff in it at Thought you might want to know.