Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sylas León Nellis

born at 9:45am on July 6th, 2005
7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long
after 30 hrs of active labor...
ruth, you are amazing!


Jaime said...

Bienvenido Sylas, te estaba esperando.

Tu Tío quien te quiere,


bryan said...

welcome little one!
the journey begins!

Aaron said...

welcome sylas... you're a beautiful (handsome) little boy and you're blessed to have such great parents...
we're excited for you all.

aaron, lydia, and noah

Anonymous said...

Dear Phil and Ruthie - How good is God to give you such a beautiful and precious son! Your lives will never be the same.
Looking forward to making his acquaintance while you're here for Jesse and Sandra's wedding.

Love you all,

Joy and Luke said...

Congrats you guys!
It sounds like we visited just in time. ;0) It was so good to see you two.
We're excited about lil' Sylas. He's a cutie.
joy and luke

Anonymous said...

Awesome and congrats on bringing new life into the world. May God truly bless your new and improved family.
Kevin T.

Jon said...

Beautiful Phil...beautiful.

Flyin J said...

Justin KLeinman
9lbs 6oz
23 Inches

i coulda taken him

Brian said...

very nice! The Nelli grow to 3. Can't wait to meet him!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Boy! It's a boy! Ruthie, good going--you too, Phil! And I can't wait to meet Little Sylas. I am so thrilled for you.

Love you guys and see you soon...


Anonymous said...

Congrats Ruth & Phil! Hope the adjustment period goes well and you are all starting to become a family. Glad Paul got to see him! Prayed for you the morning before your labor started. Aunt Hilda, Auntie Verna, Allie & I were driving to Saskatoon in Hilda's truck. We laid hands on each other's shoulders and held hands and prayed for the labor to start! It did! PTL!

Auntie Lorna