Monday, July 18, 2005

waiting for the woodsman

image copyright: nellis 2005

there's an interesting story with this piece,
but i'll tell it later.


elnellis said...

well, i've always been facinated by this mysterious character in the little red ridding hood fable who appears at such a timely manner to save the poor little girl- he chopped open the wolf and out she popped, safe and sound. for years we told it to our children, not thinking of the grusome imagery. last year, the terrible and wonderful movie came out called "The Woodsman." the story is brutal in wich a pedofile who is accused of being a "wolf" finds redemption only in becoming himself the "woodsman" who protects his own victms from the terror of those like him, and ultimately himself. (viewer discression advised). the woodsman has become for me a symbol of bravery, protection and ultimately, REDEMPTION. the strange part of this story is that it was only after we had chosen the name Sylas for our son, that we discovered its meaning: "man of the woods" or "woodsman."
-son, may you be an agent of redemption and in doing so join the Great Trajectory of God.

Jaime (aka. Hymey) said...

Espero que no sólo Redención, sino también Reconciliación.

elnellis said...

eso mero