Wednesday, August 03, 2005

thoughts from afar

i want to point you to an excellent post out of australia by my friend chad- read his august 3rd post (Tolerance and Love). here's a teaser

"In a desperate bid to be accepted unconditionally we, ourselves, accept patchy costumes as complete, truthful representations of people – real people, with bitter disappointments and incredible transcendences – and in doing it, put ourselves so much further away from anything resembling an actual relational encounter."


Lian said...

Thanks for the link, Phil.

peter said...

Chad's postiong made my heart ache. I realize how much of my longing for Christ to exist at my center will remain unfulfilled until I accept the reality of love. It hurts. To love is to open oneself up absolutely, unreservedly; such vulnerability carries with it the very real risk of a mortal wound to our ego.
I am still struggling with how we live in obedient faithfulnes but also in faithful obedience
This week I read in Jacob and the Prodigal by Kenneth Bailey that Christ did not eat with sinners because they had returned to him but because of his grace that had sought them out. Christ himself showed that redemptive love is costly. It may cost us not only our life but also our dignity.

elnellis said...

pneter, i love you man