Tuesday, September 06, 2005

spread thin

a leaf turns today as i begin classes and enter an entirely new season of life- with increased responsibilities. to be honest, i feel a bit small in the face of all these that require more of me than i feel is available at times. my desire is to give fully of myself to each, to be entirely present for every face, at every encounter. i am thankful for all of you who pray on our behalf- you are needed.


Anonymous said...

good on ya Phil.

by the way -
Myspace sucks - this is so much better.
I'll be joining soon.

pedro said...

You're an inspiration, Phnil. You always knew how to utilize a good cup of coffee (remember the Thai Iced coffees - about 1 gallon/day?). Bro, I'm just working and taking 2 undergrad classes, and I can't even imagine what it would be like to also have a baby. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and fruitless, remember that the tree in Psalm 1 that is planted by streams of living water only bears fruit in season (the implication being that there are seasons when fruit is not bourne). Each of these roles will contribute to preparing you for a future season of fruit-bearing. much love.