Friday, October 21, 2005

bringing me

showing up with out showing up...
have you ever told your story and been found nowhere in it? it is a strange thing to speak of yourself and yet not feel connected to the facts of your life. this happend to me this week. i found myself speaking and felt like i was watching a boring documentary of somone else's life- and that sentiment was mirrored in the response of the listeners- "where were you in all of that?"

how do we bring ourselves with our stories? how do we practice presence in the telling? how do the facts of our life's journey serve as a diversion to showing our true self? "no prescription can lead us to the encounter, and none leads from it." - martin buber


bryan said...

no prescription...well, beer perhaps! :) the only point on which i disagree with buber. you're a good man Phil Nellis! next beer is on me!

bryan said...

"This is true about working with any human being; just telling your story is not adequate. The point of telling story is you are telling it to someone in a present relational context." -Kirk Webb (March 2, 2005).

nathan Barrett said...