Friday, October 07, 2005

teologia desde abajo

Life is full of surprises.
I crawled under a desk at work today and saw written on the underside, amongst pieces of gum and dry boogers, the following insightful inscription:
God is in the TV.”
Isn't that just one of the many boxes we've managed to put him in?


bryan said...

nice dude...i shall look for this prophecy next time i go to work.

is that photo from todd's? did you guys hang out again?

elnellis said...

yes it is, no we didn't...
looking fwd to hearing about your class this wkend. let's get together.

PennyLane said...

I agree. It's amazing how even when we try to take God out of the boxes we've managed to put him in it only seems in time to transfer him to the next one. It might be bigger than the last but it is still another box.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's growing up in a context where TV is considered bad, but the statement seems to me to be a wonderful way to break down the wall between secular and sacred. Yes, God is in the TV, and everything else as well.

Todd Trembley

elnellis said...

todd, thanks for turning that around for me. you couldn't have said it better.