Saturday, February 11, 2006

murphy's law

our week in perspective:
ruth's car is in the shop- head gasket.
phil comes down with flu- miss two days work.
ruth crashes too- crippie and gravid.
phil gets better, wants to work- phil's car dies.
sylas got sick- learning to eat carrots and egg yokes.


bryan said...

dang dude. safe to say its been a shitty week!

Flyin J said...

sorry to hear all that crap, but good job with the descriptive links. It really pulled it all together.

Aaron said...

man, sylas looks really sick in that picture.
what a crippie... no, gravid... week you've had!

chuck said...

dude i had no idea. you're in my thoughts. can i help. you can use my bike. it has g-force technology you know.

Firelance said...

I haven't laughed like that in a long time! Thank you! We are all getting over a cold over here too, thus is parenthood. We love you all.
-from mrs. firelance

chris said...

to quote my wife,
'when it rains it falls!'

no baby, that's
'when it rains it pours!'

anyway, life is funny like that isn't it! only sometimes it's hard to see the humor in all of it!


p.s.--hey chuck, if phil doesn't need your bike can i borrow it? i've always wanted a bike with 'g-force technology!'