Monday, April 24, 2006

life as dialogue

in light of this week:
"We respond to the moment, but at the same time we respond on its behalf, we answer for it. A newly-created concrete reality has been laid in our arms; we answer for it. A dog has looked at you, you answer for its glance, a child has clutched your hand, you answer for its touch, a host of men moves about you, you answer for thier need." - martin buber, between man and man.


bryan said...

good stuff! i've been reading this book the last two weeks while at court! loving it...great to see how he is flushing out the "between" from I and Thou!

Uncle T said...

You are a Great God
Your character is Holy
Your Truth is absoulute
Your strength is unending
Your discipline is fair...
Your Povision is abundant for our needs
Your light is adequate for our faith
Your grace is sufficent for our sins