Saturday, June 24, 2006

inundated with the goods

well, it's been a great last few days for me, as a deranged fan of two select musicians. david bazan has retired his "pedro the lion" pseudonym and gone solo with his first album under his, well.. real name. it arrived in the mail just after i arrived to see another of my favorite seattellites: urban-folk-master, damien jurado. he delivered an amazing show, despite looking like this (it was both strange and awesome). another treat that night was the opening band. it was the first live performance of the soft drugs- fronted by long-time-bazan-right-hand-man, tw walsh. i believe this is tw finally coming into his own with some catchy, intelligent rock-n-roll. also playing that night was mark eitzel... i was unfamiliar with his work and wow. that's all i can say- wow. ok, that was a slop-post, but i'm in a hurry... ok, bye.

Listen to Bazan's new album here.


pedro said...

Sweet - in that pic on his web site he looks like Nostradamus.

Damien jurado has always reminded me of Andy Griffith.

elnellis said...

are you serious?! i never made that connection until he said that he was on season 4 of the andy griffith show! (his hair was exactly like andy's)

pedro said...

I wasn't really serious, but he seriously has struck me as an umpretentious every-man's average joe (kinda like Andy). He really WAS on the Andy Griffith show

elnellis said...

no, not literally, ON the show... he has been obsessed with watching it and had been working his way through all the seasons. appearantly, he really liked the season when they started doing color so then damien could see every contour of andy's hair... for the purpose of immitating it.
sorry about the confusion.

john chandler said...

Well, now that you've had it a few days, how is Bazan's album sitting with you?

elnellis said...

bazan never fails to amaze me. the album is comprised of 5 songs, each played 2x (one accustic and one instrumunated version)- 10 tracks total (sort of a lame way to put out a "full length")... anyways, 3 of the songs are new to me, backwoods nation is quite a few years old, and devil is beating his wife has been floating around for about a year now.
the album is very vulnerable and has a raw feeling to it, as does all his work. production-wise it's a regression from achilles and control back to his early days when he recorded everything by himself in his home studio.

my favorite line so far is "i know it's hard to be original, in fact nothing scares me more, because jesus only lets me do what has been done before"

he continues to be in my top 5 favorite artists of all time.

Beth Sinclair said...

Have you read : 'Body Piercing Saved My Life' By Andrew Beaujon? It is filled with Bazan interviews and such. It is a great book, I couldn't put it down. A must read if you're a fan.