Friday, June 02, 2006


Theological Illustration #3: (yellow flowers, cinnimon and ink)
image copyright: phil nellis, 2006.


Lian said...

This is a great series, Phil. Taking a classic political cartoon style into a new arena.

elnellis said...

no kidding, i never connected this to political cartoons... you are right on there. sweet.

bryan said...

love it my friend! i like the "thanks fo r witnessing" that seems to be floating away in the blood of the sufferer...the thanks seems to be the reward that this preacher is after. when he turns and walks away from the sufferer he will likely see only the thanks and not the blood. (of course is just my hermeneutic interacting with your art...).

thanks for posting these phil! oh, and sorry i missed you at greenlake with the little man yesterday...i was in class!

Aaron said...

i love it fatty.
i love this whole series. you've done a great job bringing truth to the surface in a way that challenges the viewer in a very personal way...
keep it up.
make it a 20 illustration series, please. :)

Uncle Tom said...

June 7th and we want to wish you a Happy Birthday! Send us your mailing address so we can mail you and the family things.
Uncle T And Aunt Beth and PHAM

chuck said...

i really dig the neo tim burtonish elements to these new pieces, it's risky, bold new territory for any artist involve text, you're making it work.