Saturday, July 01, 2006

religious imagery in culture

honest, offensive, inspiring, sacrilegious, bizarre, humorous, telling, protesting, preachy, strange, glorious, banal... are all words that come to mind when i think about what is to come on religious imagery in culture. it's a new blog in the vein of what someone saw- only a little more refined in focus and purpose- the title tells it all. i've always been fascinated by the way people engage faith and religion in the context of culture. so check it out if that's up yer aisle, i look forward to some good dialogue.

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Catorce said...

Phil, that picture is interesting. It reminded me of what I study just this last semester in a film class about engaging the media. Stuff we talked about before... This book had examples of U2, Radiohead, and Moby. In class we listened to Vertigo and read through the lyrics. Anyways, I really wanted to get in contact with you because I'm in WA right now in the town of Quincy. Are you still in Seattle? Maybe we could meet up sometime this summer. I leave August 7th.