Sunday, July 23, 2006

use your lions

Richard Colman. i'm really enjoying this guy's art. don't know anything about him but i love the lions in his work and his overall style. enjoy.


chuck said...

ya it's good stuff. i like the pseudo religiousity of it all.

pedro said...

I like the "pseudo-religiosity" of it as well. The two-dimentional appearance of the subjects, the halos, and the shapes of the figures remind me of Orthodox icons. It's a kind of weird marriage of mysticism with the "Triplets of Bellville."

elnellis said...

wow, now that you guys mention it, i see what it was i was drawn to but was unable to articulate. powerful.
and yeah, i totally see the triplets thing pneter. such a great film. (my favorite character in that was the floppy french waiter in the cafe). priceless.