Tuesday, August 29, 2006


well people: i've been flying solo ever since we flew back from chicago and the wife and kid(s) flew to canada (looks better every day) the next morning. it's been quite the week. for starters i got ancy (something must change) and rearanged the entire house (mania) and discovered the true meaning of feng shui (it flows like gravy). this weekend a kid at work sent me to the e.r. to get my nuts checked (vikadin). i was given disability for a day and went to goldbar river with a buddy and his two dogs to soak in the cool water (therapy is never what you'd think). the next morning i got a new job at the hospital as a court transport (thank you Jesus) and was rear-ended on my first official day of duty (damnit damnit). needless to say i've been creatively constapated (it's there, just not ready... you know) relying on good tunes (eels, bazan, boy least likely to, wolfmother), dear friends (bryan, shannon, chuck, rob, jess), late night movies (depressing ones... you fill in the blank) and three buck chucks (sponsored graciously by trader joe's) to be the hot air under my scruffy wings. looking fwd to getting the family back on friday (home will come home)...


bryan said...

i can't wait to chat about this masterpiece...there is so much going on in this one! sorry about the shitty week my friend. see you tomorrow.

chuck said...

i'll swing by on saturday. cool?

Janeil said...

What a masterpiece you've created, would love to see it in person. What a murph, can't believe everything that happened to you, ending on a good note this Friday! May you be rested this weekend.
Love you lots,

elnellis said...

glad you liked the drawing, it's an old one from about 4 years ago, thought i'd resurrect it. it reminds me of chicago. anyhow... chuck, i missed you yesterday. we didn't do anything all day because we wanted to keep our sched open for you, but you didn't show. oh well, i guess you'll have to grace us later.
we are all back home now and trying to get used to one another. sylas is a bit disoriented from a month of traveling... all his sleep paterns and naps and overall mood are wacky... we're hanging in there.