Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the world needs more walters

i lost my phone yesterday. it disappeared somewhere between downtown seattle and kirkland. i was without it for an afternoon until my wife called my number and walter answered. but before walter was in the picture, i experienced a huge range of feelings- rage, anxiousness, frustration, vulnerability, despair. where is it? who has it? walter had it. walter was crossing a street i had crossed earlier that day, he noticed my phone and then noticed a bus heading right for it. he flagged the bus to stop and picked up my phone. walter was on his way to a mental health appointment. he'd be back there the next day for his daily visit to the mental health clinic and i could meet him for my phone. sure enough, walter made good on his word, he gave me my phone with a firm handshake and generous smile. i gave him a starbucks card and said how much i appreciated his honesty and help. he said i should get a little clip-thing for my phone so i could wear it on my belt and never have to loose it again. walter is well on his way to mental health and i am on my way to understanding the second great commandment a little more fully.


pedro said...

I love it. New context for "Who is thy neighbor?", eh?

notso-swift said...

beautiful Phil

Flyin J said...

What a great story. I love when stuff like this happens. Unfortunatelly it seems that stories like this are happening less and less as we become more and more frightened of our neighbors. I try and be a "good samaritan" whenever I can, but I can't help but always feel a bit of unfounded worry in the back of my mind. "Am I being Tricked? Am I being taken advantage of?" It's unfortunate that Our society has evolved to a point where one must worry about doing something good.