Saturday, December 23, 2006

oh come oh come emmanuel

stream sufjan's 5 christmas albums (have your self a folky folky christmas...)
great santa post by chuck (low art? poor taste? dying myth?)
old post by aaron that needs more conversation (santa and western materialism)
what does christmas mean today?
as the president wants to boost the military presence in iraq?
in the wake of aids awareness day...
the call to each of us to bear christ is upon us,
as we embody the incarnation anew in this broken world.
peace on earth = relationality restored.


arugula said...

yay! I found you! Thank you for the Sufjan link--I am enjoying him this morning.

Safe travels to you all, and I sincerely hope your Christmas doesn't suck.

Love, Hanna

Stacy said...

It's a coptic icon, right? I love coptic iconography. Where ever did you get it. I love it!

Merry Christmas!

Aaron said...

phil, i know i say this about all of your artwork, but that tree of life piece you linked to is probably the greatest and most beautiful piece of work that i've encountered in a long time...
it's amazing, phil.

elnellis said...

wow, thanks aaron, your support means a lot to me.
and glad you found us hanna! welcome.
and i think i found that coptic icon on an egyptian archeology site. pretty sweet.

merry christmas.

jen said...


i am speechless.

i want to overwhelm you with big words for your new work, but i feel more-so that the wind was just knocked out of me. my first thought after blinking: how do i get that on my mantle too??

hey, random aside. i was wondering if you'd be interested in trying to do a show together sometime in the not so super distant future? would love to talk about this if you're maybe interested!

peace, jen

Firelance said...

kenny hanna? if so, then weird, i was just randomly thinking about you this morning.

elnellis said...

no rob, not kenny. that would be really strange, i wonder what he's up to these days.
ghosts of the past...
btw, do you keep in touch with sammy? (i forget his last name but we all worked valet parking together)

notso-swift said...

Bob and Phil,
I've recently been in contact with Kenny - he's married to Esmerelda (La Luz) and has a beautiful little girl and is pastoring a church in Indiana and planning perhaps to return to Juarez.
As for Sam and Nis Whisman, if either of you find them I'd like to get in touch. Ironicly I the last time I heard from them was a random call when I was living with Kenny 4 years ago.

elnellis said...

wow, that's cool... oh the memories. thanks swift.