Friday, April 06, 2007

Viernes Santa

We veil our faces before your glory,
O Holy and Immortal One,
and bow before the cross of your wounded Christ
With angels and archangels,
we praise you, our Mercy,
and we bless you, our Compassion,
for in our brokenness
you have not abandoned us.
Hear us as we pray through Jesus, our high priest:
heal all division,
reconcile the estranged,
console the suffering,
and raise up to new life
all that is bound by death. Amen.

Prayer for Good Friday
from Common Lectionary Prayers, p. 100
Cross: "Sins of the People"- a community art project by Witt's End Church


bryan said...

beautiful phil. and the thoughtfulness behind it is incredible as well!

elnellis said...

thanks b. the creative process was loaded with meaning- repentance and a heightened awareness of the sacred ground on which i stood.

ps (for others): through the season of lent, my church studied the 10 commandments practiced the spiritual discipline of confession before partaking in the elements. these confessions were anonymously written down and placed in the "confession jar" that was available throughout lent on sundays. the jar had red dyed water in it and slowly dissolved the paper which was later made into pulp. this then was dried and mixed with resin and poured into two molds in the shape of the two beams of a cross. after they dried, they were assembled resulting in the image in this post. this cross will be presented to the community tomorrow morning at a sunrise easter service.