Sunday, May 06, 2007

de frente


Anonymous said...

very clever!


i think you are going to have to label all those baby photos well as now the boys are beginning to look alike!! :) do you see that as well when comparing baby photos? the reason I'm suggesting that is that we made that mistake with Joel and Daniel, since they were so close in age, and now are second doubting ourselves on several photos.

anyway - love those babes and each other! mum and dad

chuck said...
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chuck said...

that one in the lower left corner kills me. so adult. "come on. quit playin' and roll me a pork chop!". arrugar la frente.

nate said...

Wow, what a face, thanks for showing us his face! Interesting post after the discussion we just had below. He's a cutey and I can't wait to meet him. If you had shown his arm, his leg, the back of his head, his hand or any other portion of his body, we could detect that he/she was human, what ethnicity he/she would be from, what size and shape and age she/he could be and possibly what continent or country but without showing us his face we wouldn't be introduced to him. Thanks for the introduction. Some musings from one pork chop lover to another.