Saturday, June 09, 2007

la llorona

"la llorona" (the weeping woman) is a mexican folk legend- a ghost woman who clings to this world mourning the death of her children. this is a reinterpretation of the story. here the woman has become a ghost because of the life of her children. she is mourning her own death- a death required of her in her desire to birth and raise her young.

this is also a collaborative piece, my son helped scribble in much of the chaos in the background.
"la llorona"- multimedia (crayon, pencil, marker, india ink) on paper.
copyright: phil nellis, 2007.


Swift said...

I really like this Phil. My parents must have died a hundred deaths watching me bungle my way to and now through adulthood.
You're in for it man.

chris said...

i've got to find some way to be able to get some of your amazing work (like this piece) up at our church. people would love it...i'll see what i can do about getting you comissioned for something--seriously, i never fail to be impressed.


Jason said...

Nice Art to be honest one of the best ive seen, very impressive.