Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oaxaca Uprising: left-over street art

This is my first time back in my hometown of Oaxaca since the riots last year. Most everything is put back together and most of the graffiti has been covered up. But not all of it. I've been struck with the creative drive that lies at the heart of any movement that desires change, even if it becomes destructive. On the other hand, there is little creative inspiration rising from those who desire to maintain power and control. These political posters and street-art are a visual feast. Keep checking this web-album, I'll try to add more as I stumble upon them.
"Oaxaca no esta en Paz"


Swift said...

That's some amazing artwork. I wish our grafiti was as clearly artistic here.
Please great Jaime for me - we may not see eye to eye on the subject of Che Guevarra but I still love the guy. Give him a hug for me.
Have a wonderful remainder of your trip.

elnellis said...

will do swifty.