Monday, February 25, 2008

a passing

larry norman died yesterday. for better or worse, he is largely to blame for "christian music"... although his relationship with ccm has always been contentious. regardless, he kept it real his entire life and finally died after many years of illness. i have a "fish" pendant my dad got at one of norman's first shows back in the day. thanks for the music larry.

pitchfork article.
harp article.


pedro said...

I think Larry norman actually performed at Cornerstone that last time I went. I can't remember if he was on before or after Stryker.

I think It was Josh Carlson who introduced me to him.

Swift said...

See you there Larry.

pedro said...

p.s. That picture kicks David Bowie's Labrinth ass any day.


elnellis said...

i bet he dipped his vest in peanut butter and rolled in popcorn. there is no other way to get that many pigeons.

zera project said...

Peace out Larry.