Saturday, February 09, 2008

our lovely and quirky little faith community is entering cyberspace on a serious level for the first time... we launched this baby only yesterday. swing by and check us out!
(thanks to Nathan at Storyboard Solutions for putting it together!)


Aaron said...

the site looks great! did you do the artwork on it? i'm really loving it...

pedro said...

Thanks for sharing. It's good to have a glimpse into your community of faith. How's the work on la danse going?

elnellis said...

yeah, i did the logos. i continue to be indebted to you, aaron, for the nathan connection. he does great work and so fast.
i havn't been working on la dance this last week because of of a minor surgery i had on my hand... i'll be starting for real this friday hopefully. thanks for asking pneter.

miss both of you guys. blessings on your families, babies, studies... etc.
(oh yeah! see you thursday fatty!)
ok bye