Sunday, June 15, 2008

current soundtrack


chrinisticles said...

What's this, my friend? I thought you hated Coldplay? In your old age and maybe also since you've become a father you're getting soft and going a little bit more...dare I say it, 'mainstream.'
Truth be told it's a great album and I'm glad to know that you like it! Remember when we used to listen to 'Parachutes' in our dorm room? We though it was the coolest shit ever!

elnellis said...

ha ha! yes chris... i am a fan for the first time since parachutes! havn't gotten into the last few albums but this one is really good. i guess i'm growing soft... but with fatherhood comes wisdom and that is the ability to know good music wherever it may be found... and the humility to enjoy it, tip the hat to it, even if the entire rest of the world is spinning it.

btw, pneter has been out here the last few days, it's been good to catch up and our studio apartment on la salle has been a frequent topic of remeniscance....

chrinisticles said...

glad to hear that you guys got to spend some time together. that summer we all lived together was awesome. so many great stories!

it's amazing that pneter and his dad are doing this type of bike tour together. i think its awesome!

'lost!' is my new jam. i had a more acoustic version of it until yesterday and i thought is was ok. but the version with the drum loop is just plain great.

anyway, i love you man. give the wife and kiddos my regards!