Saturday, June 28, 2008

evil dust bunny

my computer has been dying. over the last few weeks it has been overheating and the fan has ceased kicking in to cool it off. so after about 5 minutes of operating time (just enough time to check email, but certainly not enough time to write a paper) the machine has been powering down. well, it's back. and the culprit was a dust bunny the size of my index finger that had taken up residence in the fan, blocking the cooling grates... watch out internet, i'm back.


Anonymous said...

that's hilarious and yet not funny at all because i know its so frustrating. i loathe computer problems. detest, even. i just want to shake the computer and scream and want the computer to talk back and answer my questions of what the hell is wrong with it.

i'm getting tense writing this.

i'm glad the bunny is dead. hopefully she didn't make bunny love as they often do, because if so you have 5000 baby bunnies on the way.

elnellis said...

oh please lord, no baby bunnies.

chrinisticles said...

i get the same thing in my belly button and also in that space between you know what and you know what...i prefer to call those 'choad hamster's' rather than dust bunnies considering their natural habitat...anyways.