Monday, September 29, 2008

Communal Feasting

for the last 2 years, every tuesday night we have gathered with a group of amazing folks to feast with one another. i am always surprised by how that rhythm marks my week, carrying me in ways i don't fully understand. today is monday, it has been long and i have much work to do before bed. but tommorrow by this time, i will be feasting with family. this was indeed, the only appropriate visual.


bryan said...

you should photoshop some levis and black t-shirt onto one of them so i know which one is you! :)

thanks for the call last night! i'll give you a call back tonight. miss you bro.

elnellis said...

i may need your photoshop skillz for that! you are right. the problem with the picture is that it doesn't reflect the actual diversity of the group. and there's not a lot of "turning towards" one another... ok, so it wasn't the best image for the post.
but i sent the image to dan allender as a suggestion for the cover of the sabbath book.