Friday, November 07, 2008

Art Show: Tomorrow

I've been working hard these last two weeks to finish new material for the Ballard Art Walk this weekend. The location is Robert Deeble's awesome private practice space, Folktown Counseling. He specializes in therapeutic work with artists of all kinds and runs brilliant and much needed art mentoring group he calls The Fine Arts Struggle. I will be showing new works that stylistically move in a new direction for me. I'm working with walnut ink as well as my traditional use of india ink. These new pieces are experiements in simplicity and stark contrast. I look fwd to sharing them online after the show. Thankyou all for your support and affirmation in my artistic endevors.


Lian said...

Hey phil, long time no nothing.
These new pieces on family life/parenthood are really great. Very poignant for us at the moment.

We need to catch up. The series of reconnections is almost broken.

elnellis said...

hey chad, always good to hear from you. hope you guys are well and enjoying life. the recent pic of lief on erika's blog was so awesome. let's catch up soon.