Monday, November 24, 2008

"Hope for a Tree Cut Down"

Some highly creative and generous friends over at Church of the Beloved have recorded a fantastic set of music that stands in the spiritual and musical traditions of Sufjan, Colbalt Season and Over the Rhine- it evokes similar worshipful and emotive responses for me.

This is an exemplary demonstration of contextual, local and indigenous worship that has come out of a faith community that is in touch with their creativity:

Hey. This music is free for you.
Of course it was a lot of hard work and cost a lot of money for us to make this album. But for you, it’s free, because we have been shocked by God’s grace… that is to say, God’s gift; because we are discovering what our community’s gifts are; And because we want to give. - Ryan Marsh, Beloved Architect


Jonathan Blundell said...

please use download the graphic and post it to your own site so it doesn't suck bandwidth from mine. thank you.

elnellis said...

sorry dude, i wasn't aware of that.

Jonathan Blundell said...

hey no prob!

thanks for helping me out. glad you enjoyed the album.