Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"Anticipation: There Will Be No Miracles Here"

it started off with an idea to do a series on the sabbath with the idea that we need to get out of our little boxes and into more natural rhythms. i've always been intrigued by the phenomenon of adult male dissociation, particularly as it is encouraged by our working lives, driven and exhausted. it is the expression of anti-anticipation or despair. i can't claim credit for the nifty subtitle, i got that from nathan coley's brilliant piece that came out sometime last year. anyhow, it's a simple yet disturbing series of four that i don't think i'll be adding to any time soon. it's currently on display at folktown counseling, where the therapist wisely opted to hang it in the hallway, as opposed to the room where he sits with clients. you can see individual close up's at my art website.

"Anticipation: There Will Be No Miracles Here"
India Ink Illustration on Walnut Ink Wash
Copyright: Phil Nellis, 2008


Dennis Family said...

thought provoking

Dennis Family said...

If you made these into notecards on Zazzle or something, I'd totally buy a set!

I know...maybe that capitalistic idea might run counter to your spirit, but just thought I'd mention it.

elnellis said...

i've totally thought of that. i'll do it when i get them back from the show in january. do we know eachother from somewhere or through someone? portland? i love your guy's art work, you seen like a highly creative family. thanks for checking in regularly.

pedro said...

Love them Phil. They are making me take a look at my own life as I move into the white collar rhythms of commute -> stare at numbers on a computer screen all day -> commute -> struggle to engage with my wife and daughter.

It's amazing how this type of life in a service economy can really mold my rhythm into patterns that run counter to my deepest values.

Not for the first time, I was restlessly laying in bed last night, thinking about how much I would like to start my day with some yoga/meditation to set the tone for my mental state for the rest of the day.

It's amazing how much of a negative feedback loop dissociation is. I spend so much time within myself during the day now that all I want to do is spend more time with myself. Sick.

Thanks for allowing me to respond to your prophetic voice.

Dennis Family said...

no, you don't know us, but you know Robert Deeble.

elnellis said...

ah! nice to meet you! and, zazzle looks pretty sweet, have you used them for prints/postcards/posters before?