Monday, January 19, 2009

this year...

...mlk day bears unique significance.

if you have never taken the time to listen to the complete speech by rev/doc martin luther king jr, listen to it today- with fresh ears, given the current events.

artwork by ben heine.


pedro said...

Thanks for the commemoration again this year.

I am listening to the speech again, and I am struck by Dr. King's theme early in the speech that America is in Debt to Africa Americans who had not, and still today disproportionately have not, shared in the economic wealth they helped to create in our country.

I am struck for obvious reasons. On the eve of the inauguration of our first black President, all Americans are suffering under a weight of economic and financial debt. This black man, who styles himself as an heir of Lincoln, has the power to affect the economic, social, and political climate for all of us.


elnellis said...

well said peter, as always, i love your perspective on all things political, social, theological.
i get goosebumps every time i listen to it and particularly this time around. amazing indeed.