Thursday, February 05, 2009


i saw the video a year ago, and i guess you could say it was just a matter of time before this made it to my blog. the first question upon viewing, is always "is this for real?" the answer is yes, they were a real band. a catholic rock band to be exact. the next response is always one of shock and disbelief. well, since it's viral spread all over the internet, the people behind the band were tracked down and interviewed. they have even been the topic of an article in one of my favorite theology and arts publications, image journal.
watch the video. read the interview. be amazed... the colors, the rhythms, the ironically non-catholic theology, the nuances of each face, the simultaneity of belief and disbelief... soak it in. dance if you want to. or not.


Jamie said...

This could only be called "Rock and Roll" in the loosest sort of definition. More like elevator influenced polka. It's so bad I kind of like it, it's definitely catchy. I love it when weird theology gets put to music....he's like a mounty he always gets his man? He'll zap you anyway he can?
The pink walls complete the effect.

pedro said...

Without a doubt, one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I love the middle-aged, balding, mustached,hip-rocking guitarist with the white tennis shoes. Very Spinal Tap-esque.

Jaime said...

Before the Supertones, and all those "Christian Ska" Bands there was Sonseed. this sounds a little to much ska-ish. It reminded me of some recordings being played at chuch, ¡Caminando voy...!