Thursday, March 05, 2009

current soundtrack: nostalgia


pedro said...

Definite chitown nostalgia. Conjure up images of the Fireside Bowl.

Unwed Sailor really got me interested in experimental music. Somehow I discovered Some Odd Pilot, a sweet graphic design studio on Ravenswood. I think I rode by on my Sector 9.

They also have an experimental band, The Timeout Drawer, produced by their occasional recording studio Some Odd Pilot Records. Creative guys. They would occasionally perform at the Empty Bottle. I'm bummed I never went to see them perform. Oh well, I guess those small regrets just feed the nostalgia.

elnellis said...

that was a formative era for sure. our little "golden years" of music discovery.
what i'd give for an evening at the fireside bowl! good times for sure.

chris and angela howe said...

Is it just me or does the track called 'chinese sleep chant' on the new Coldplay album sound like a Lassie Foundation song? That was what immediately came to mind the first time I heard it!

The good old fireside bowl! Good times!