Saturday, March 14, 2009

recent sylas quotables

"Samuel is my rock and roll, and I am his hero!"

"Dad, when I get out of the bathtub, I can feel my skin coming back on to me!"

(hiding under the bed) "Dad, pray to God that you can find me and I'll pop out!"

"I want to name the baby Avenue."


Longbrake said...

Avenue Nellis. Seriously. That is an amazing name.

Other possibilities:

Stella Nellis - Could be nicknamed Stellar Nellar.

Phruth Nellis - Hybrids are so popular these days.

Danger Nellis - No explanation needed.

stacy pietsch said...

love these.

Doris M McDonnell said...

i LOVE little kids' quotes! i keep up my sparrow's every month too... sounds like you got a witty one there. blessings!

Swift said...

Love that- "Danger Nellis"