Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Mix Tape

when we had our last child, we pulled together a mix tape that we listened to non stop during the final month of pregnancy. when the time came to birth, the music was able to lead us into restful and relaxing spaces and particularly helped my wife connect with the longing to meet our baby when labor was hard. it was such a good experience that we are doing the same thing again for this birth. here's the tracklist of the songs that have pretty much worked their way into our bodies by now, it is almost time.

1. I Am A Mountain- Bonie 'Prince' Billy
2. Lullaby for Grown Ups- Ane Brun
3. Cello Song- The Books
4. Flume- Bon Iver
5. Happiness Won Me Over- El Perro Del Mar
6. Always for You- The Album Leaf
7. Hey Little- Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
8. Now It Last- Feist
9. Hold On To What You Believe- Mumford & Sons
10. Your Rocky Spine- Great Lake Swimmers
11. Arriba del Cielo- Claudia Martinez
12. The Dress Looks Nice on You- Sufjan Stevens
13. Blackbird- The Beatles
14. Sons & Daughters- The Decemberists
15. Upward Over the Mountain- Iron & Wine
16. New Soul- Yael Naim
17. You Are My Flower- Elizabeth Mitchell

[if you want the mix, email me or leave me a comment]


pedro said...

You guys never disappoint. Great soundtrack to enter the world to. Sylas is going to have another rock star.

Blackbird is one of the songs I sing Anna to sleep to. Somehow I ended up with a Beatles/Pedro (c. It's Hard to Find a Friend) repertoire.

Jamie said...

Hook me up!

Anonymous said...

We haven't hung out in years but we still have the same taste in music - sounds like a great mix - if I'm not too much trouble here's my address.
(We're in a real house now btw)

3038 S. 101st Lane
Tolleson, AZ 85353

Doris M McDonnell said...

send me one! pretty pretty please! i NEED good music!! and i am dying to talk to ruthie about labor, birth, etc. and praying for a sweet labor for you. loves.
doris mcdonnell
7680 cathedral oaks rd., #12
goleta, CA 93117
what is your production cost? =)

elnellis said...

sorry to not be clear, it's just a download link :) i'll just post it here, download it and unzippit!

Doris M McDonnell said...

yeeeah! thanks. and congrats on the bebe--and on graduating!