Sunday, May 10, 2009

new face: ezra árbol


Aaron said...

what a beautiful little boy! he's such his own little person with his own unique features (except he's borrowed his father's eyes)... really wish we could be there to kiss and squeeze him! hope you guys are doing well-- can't wait to chat with you soon. much love.

Sara said...

HE looks wonderful - good work you two! And I love the name, glad you found something you were happy with.

lorra love,


pedro said...

Welcome, little one.

I echo Aaron. His looks are his own. Yet another combination of the features of his parents. I had thought the same thing - that he has the shape of his father's eyes. In the middle picture, though, I definitely see Sylas' (Ruth's?) mouth.

His wonderful inheritance is already beginning to manifest itself.

Although as a newborn he still looks like a wizened little bonzai :)

cris said...

yeah, i love how newborns look like old people til they chub up a bit. Can't wait to get to know him more and more. Your other boys have filled up so much space in my heart, i'm sure this one will too.

Firelance said...

PHIL! Can you believe it, 3 boys for each of us?! Am I going to need to order you a case of Slivovica? I had this feeling that he was a boy, it is really a season of boys. I'm so happy for you. Would love to see you in the NW this summer. We may come for a visit. Love you all.