Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jun 18, 1976

6x6 ($20) image copyright: phil nellis, 2009. contact me for purchase!
I've been trying to do a sketch-a-day these days. This particular image is intertexual with the following perameters: I drew in response to the first song to play after shuffling my music library. The song that came on was "June 18, 1976" by Pedro the Lion- saddest song ever.


pedro said...

Yeah, that song always breaks my heart. The picture definitely captures the emotion in the haunting lyrics and melody. Thanks for sharing.

pedro said...

p.s., It's really striking how she's falling into darkness, into oblivion.

One thing that really strikes me about the song is how intimately the girl is portrayed
and then how voyeuristic the crowd that gathers around her body is. It's as if the tenderness retreats into the oblivion, so that what the crowd sees has no connection with girs who moments before was falling through the air.