Thursday, August 13, 2009

when the same event means different things to each party involved

i don't follow sports much at all. but i always pay attention when these two countries play soccer together. the event means such different things to each side. yesterday, mexico won 2 to 1 on home turf in mexico city. the event sold-out el estadio azteca with 105,000 in the stands and many more spilling out into the streets. on the north side of things it was barely a blip on the radar. for mexico, it is honor, identity, culture and so much more. i'm not sure what it means for the states. regardless, i was happy to hear that mexico won, continuing to this day to never allow the us team to beat them in a south-of-the-boarder match.


pedro said...

Among non-Mexicans, this means next to nothing north of the border.

On the global stage, however, the Mexicans have a right to be proud. This is an area of great global stature in which Mexico is clearly superior to the U.S.

¡Felicitaciones, Hecho!

Holly Priscilla said...

I was studying at Universidad Iberoamericana in D.F. during the 1998 World Cup and my eyes were definitely opened to the meaning of futbol in Mexico, to my delight as I was a collegiate player myself. I felt honored to be amidst the joy, passion, dignity, and unity palpable in the air.

Swift said...

Soccer is pretty neat guys.

joy said...

so true! viva mexico. :)