Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wendell Berry says...

...the Food System is firmly grounded on the following principles:
  • Food is important mainly as an article of international trade.
  • It doesn't matter what happens to farmers.
  • It doesn't matter what happens to the land.
  • Agriculture has nothing to do with "the environment."
  • There will always be plenty of food, for if farmers don't grow it from the soil, then scientists will invent it.
  • There is no connection between food and health. People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are healed by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.
  • It follows that there is no connection between healing and health. Hospitals customarily feed their patients poor-quality, awful-tasting, factory-made expensive food and keep them awake all night with various expensive attentions. There is a connection between money and health.
Wendell Berry (Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community, 1994).

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Sara said...

Loving the Wendell Barry. Thanks Phil.