Friday, January 22, 2010


"It is the Hebraic intuition that God is capable of all speech acts except that of monologue, which has generated our acts of reply, of questioning, of counter-creation... there had to be, if man was to bear his being, the means of dialogue with God, which are spelled out in our poetics, music, art."
- George Steiner

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T. Nathaniel said...

It seems to me that we Christians would have to agree with the basic insight here, even though we would also have to resist certain elements as well. Namely, we would affirm that God is incapable of monologue, for God is interpersonal, always already engaged in relationship with His Son and Spirit (before all worlds). But precisely because of this, God does not need us to complete the dialogue. That he invites us nonetheless is condescension, grace, and a great mystery.