Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ending here, Beginning There

After 5 years of blogging here, the time has come to end this site and begin anew over here. My new blog will be integrated into my main portfolio site, which at the moment is still underway.

As always, blank canvases, blank slates and fresh starts fill me with terror and hope.

Don’t forget to grab the new feed or toss in your reader, or however you follow along and stay in touch. See you there.


pedro said...

Crazy. Glad that your transition will mean an integration of your art space and your writing space. That said, this seems like the end of an era for me too. Conversing in this space is what ultimately propelled me into blogging.

elnellis said...

It was a good run, pedro. it's also a good opportunity to rethink what i want a blog to be. this one definitely had waves and seasons of intentionality and conversation. i look forward to more.

moamoa said...

정말 블로깅 5년 동안 하였다는것은 알수 있는데 다시 시작한다는 것인가요 다른곳에서?
구글에 의해 자동 번역된 것을 읽었지만 이해하기가 어려웠어요 당신의 이야기가.. 저는 한국에 있는곳에서 블로깅을 하고 있답니다.