Tuesday, September 20, 2005

smart guys

Walter Brueggemann & Douglas John Hall
i'm taking a class this semester called "constructing the theological mosaic." in it i've had the opportunity to learn not only under my professor, dr. colline greene, but also from the texts i'm required to read. the first one up for recommendation is Texts Under Negotiation: The Bible and the Postmodern Imagination by Brueggemann. yes, it is provocative as it sounds; a great read for beginning to develop an understanding of postmodern hermeneutics. the second title you should read is Thinking the Faith: Christian Theology in a North American Context by canadian author Hall. it is the first in a three volume set inviting us to consider what our specific story as north americans has contributed positively/negatively to our formation of theology. both men are looking at the christian faith, specifically our theological systems and our view of the bible, from an after-modernity stance, call it postmodern or whatever. the main point is that neither should go unheard. good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Colin Greene is a pretty good professor. I am still incredibly torn between philosophy and theology. I think I am more passionate about theology for sure, but right now I am a university employee, being paid to go to school. The down side is that I had to read about 100 pages of Kant the other day and I think he's destroying my brain. Soon I'l be muttering things that I don't even understand.

-Todd Trembley

pedro said...

Speaking of perception and presupposition, it's interesting to note Todd's gender slip in his comment (not ripping on you, Todd, just seemed relevent to the topic). Thanks for the recommendations, phnil. I'd love to chat about the subject with you sometime.

elnellis said...

i'd love to chat about it too, pedro. what gender slip? i'm blind?
thanks for stopping by.

elnellis said...

along the same lines, check out what brian wrote about the same class: http://bnixon.blogspot.com/2005/09/disruption.html

pedro said...

My bad, Todd, the gender slip was MINE. Due to Phil's spelling of Dr. Green's first name, I assumed he was a woman.