Saturday, September 17, 2005

what do you really want?

anthropology, sociology and psychology have all spent much energy around the question of what is man's basic drive? what is our basic desire? what is our core need? answers have varied from the brute drives of hunger and sexual satisfaction (happiness) to the survival of the fittest and dominance over others (security). a christian, trinitarian theology offers a radically different perspective: "The need for relationship is fundamental to human nature, perhaps the most fundamental need" (d.benner). as relational beings, created in the image of a trinitarian God, this is our deepest core need. but not only do we just seek relationships, we seek good ones. this is our longing as we look back to the garden, look forward towards redemption, and look each other in the eyes right now.

thoughts inspired by David Benner's The Incarnation as a Metaphor for Psychotharapy. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 1983.

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jess said...

This is something I have thought about alot - and has been played out in front of my eyes everyday I work in the ER. Maybe it is just a little more vivid to me there than my routine everday comings and goings. It amazes me how far we can go to seek those relationships to fulfill that core desire of attention and meaningful belonging, and it is painful to see how that need is sought when the relationship is seperate from Jesus.
thanks phil