Sunday, March 18, 2007

Born: Judah Aguila

march 18, 2007
5:oo am
6 lbs 13 oz

welcome, our blessed son, águila gift from above.
watch him grow alongside león here.


john chandler said...

Congrats Phil!

Aaron said...

so beautiful!
can't wait to meet him!

Elaine said...

all that comes to mind is the word Holy. a birth is so awesome. The fruit of love. I can tell by the last photo that Judah already knows he´s surrounded by love.

ahhh ' such sweet contentment.

notso-swift said...

Congratulations dear friends!! I love the name - with a name like that he can't help but grow up to be a man's man. Stellar! Thanks for calling with the news Phil - I didn't get the message until too late to call you back - I'm sure you've been inundated with calls anyway. I love you 4.


Stacy said...


Lian said...

Congrats! Ruth, you are amazing! It looks like you had him at home! It seems like you have had 2 really blessed births! So wonderful!