Saturday, March 24, 2007


i am a father to a boy who has a brother, i now have two sons, brothers and i their father. i was a boy once with a brother and a father. i'm a father now, still with a brother and a father. my sons have a grandfather who has a son who's now an uncle to my two boys. i'm a father and i have two sons.

what kind of father will i be?
i pray for wisdom, strength, tenderness and profound sense of adventure. amen.


nate said...

connectivity, can't escape it. It's incredible to think that you are forever connected to these two boys in such a unique way, like no other connection in your life and you are called to them for eternity as relationships are eternal. Thinking like that makes me think that having a child is the same as altering the course of history and now you did it twice. Who knows what will be done or accomplished by each of these men? Who knows what their lives will mean - that will be an adventure to find out. God bless your fatherhood and the coming adventures and may Christ's love dwell richly in your home and in their hearts one day. We pray they choose the Savior. Blessings!

Lian said...

Two sons. Your quiver is getting full. And what's funny is that you are an arrow yourself - an arrow who shoots still more arrows so that it flies forever until one day it hits perfectly its mark - or its many marks.
You are blessed.

pedro said...

Sylas looks like he's still getting used to the idea of being a brother and having a brother.

I'm definitely excited about being a father. Although Ginny and I have been extending our love to children for the past few years, there's something profound about the thought of being connected to a person who is completely dependent on you. I can already begin to understand how difficult/wonderful it must be for parents to see their children grow and take flight on their own.

elnellis said...

Pedro, my deepest congratulations on your and Ginny's pregnancy!!!! i can't wait to talk to you about it. it's a wild ride that i would want all to be able to experience yet wouldn't wish upon anyone!

Firelance said...

Well said el nellis (re: parenthood and pregnancy)!

You 4 our in our prayers as you adjust. May the Lord multiply the minutes and hours of sleep for Mommy and Daddy.

-mrs. firelance

chuck said...

looks like i'll have to come over soon and bring the cards, beef jerkey and cigars to deal in the new guy. its a funny thing about boys, they need few reasources to make it to adulthood, but much to actually become adults. opposed to most girls where they require vast needs most of their young life but seem to arrive at maturity at a healthy, logic epoc. your task is daunting and enviable. may the force be wit chew.