Sunday, August 03, 2008


worship music in general, either on cd or in church, has always been confusing to me in many ways. i have some baggage there i guess... as well as some thoughtful critique. that is a conversation for another time.
i stumbled across a nomadic group of thundering, chanting, medatative liturgists recently: psalters. via enjoyment of the sheer musical brilliance and originality, i have found myself swept into an unfamiliar and quite worshipful space while listening to them. they sound like "the percussive clank of chain links attached to dozens of defiant stomping feet across the marbled business floor desert, fists raised high, open mouthed screaming brittle sirens over the hum of computers, air filtration systems and the muddy thud of a thousand apathetic hearts. . ." and their lyrics are mostly psalms, creeds and ancient prayers.

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Firelance said...

guey, can you send me a sample? sound interesting.