Friday, August 01, 2008

Romulus, My Father (2007)

an eastern european family has emigrated to australia. a good, simple and morally concrete father. a borderline mother who is torn between her desire for her family and her addiction to sexually acting out. a tragically triangulated 9 year old boy who bears the lion's-share of the emotional havoc in the family. based on a true story and book, a memoir written by the adult son about his father and childhood, tells the tale of the levels of violence and pathology a family can be driven to... great film. i want to move to australia- the open sky, the gnarled old trees, the general color palate.

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pedro said...

Thanks, as always for the recommendation. The Glass Castle is a memoir in the same vein. If you guys haven't picked it up yet, let me know - I can send you our copy.

Yeah, The open skies and the vibrant colors always twist my heart with a nostalgic longing for the Colorado plains. It was really fun riding across the plains on our tour, but I must admit that I was glad to be through the Great Plains when we reached the forested lake country of Minnesota